Image: Hammacher
Image: via Hammacher Schlemmer

Stubbing your toe is really, really painful. And burning the toast is really, really annoying. Sure, these little problems may seem trivial but they hurt like hell when they happen. Thankfully, however, they never need happen again. Here are 20 game-changing inventions that will solve classic first-world problems forever.

Image: Book of Joe
Image: via bookofjoe

20. Illuminated slippers

Creeping to the bathroom in the middle of the night is a real hazard – stubbing your toe is an actual danger, and no one wants to do that. Enter BrightFeet, slippers that feature built-in LED lights that allow you to see where you’re going in the dead of night.

Image: Magimix
Image: via Magimix

19. Transparent toaster

It’s a horrible feeling, burning the toast. And a horrible smell, too. But now, thanks to the see-through toaster having been invented, this kitchen disaster is a thing of the past. With these transparent devices you can watch your bread cooking to perfection.