Image: Bored Panda
Image: via BoredPanda

18. Goggles umbrella

Keeping dry while simultaneously being able to see where you’re going? It’s a problem we’ve all faced while walking in the driving rain. The guys at 25TOGO Design have solved the problem with their cute Goggles umbrella, which has a transparent eye-shaped cutout so you can see what’s in front of you.

Image: Life Hacker
Image: via Lifehacker

17. Cutting board bird feeder

Cleaning up crumbs after slicing bread is such a drag – and it also wastes food. Make getting rid of crumbs fun and save food waste with this cutting board bird feeder. It’s an easy DIY job; simply attach a funnel and a tube underneath a cutting board that has small holes drilled in.

Image: Pochtoy
Image: via

16. Easy-smear butter knife

We’ve all come up against the age-old problem of tearing bread when trying to spread butter that’s too cold. This butter spreader is the answer: it’s got in-built holes for easy smearing and also functions as a grater, a slicer and a curler.