Image: Metro Bloggen
Image: via Metro Bloggen

Alcohol affects everyone differently – whether you’re a happy drunk, a mean drunk or just a sleepy drunk. But if there’s one universal truth of drinking alcohol, it’s that it lowers your inhibitions just enough to make you do some crazy things. These girls might not be too happy that their drunken endeavors have been immortalized online, but the pictures are hilarious nonetheless.

First up, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of drunken grocery shopping? Don’t rush off to your nearest Wal-Mart just yet, though; we’re pretty sure they don’t actually sell women.

Image: Short Stories of a Single Girl
Image: via Short Stories of a Single Girl

Ever been so drunk that you’ve tried to enter your house via the cat flap? No, us neither. If that wasn’t bad enough, this girl seems to have fallen asleep in the act. She probably wasn’t feline so good when she woke up.

Image: People Are Strange
Image: via People Are Strange

Pole dancing is sexy. Street-sign dancing isn’t. It was a lesson learned the hard way for this girl, unfortunately – she clearly didn’t know her own strength. That’s a “Stop!” sign in so many ways.