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20 Original Trilogy Scream Stars, Then and Now

Do you like scary movies? Do you like Scream? Have you ever wondered what the franchise’s stars look like now, years after their last encounter with Ghostface? Well, then, read on – if you dare…

By Sarah Jones
Pop Culture

20 Celebrity Photoshop Fails

We get why celebs might be tempted to use Photoshop on their social media pictures, but they really ought to be more careful. These 20 images, for instance, were all called out as fake by fans.

By Chris Shackleton

20 Types of Girls You’ll Meet

Stereotypes are wrong – unless they’re true, of course. You’ll meet many different types of girls in your life, but here are 20 of the most common.

By Contributing Writer

20 Teens Destroying All Hope For Humanity

Smartphones have made it all too easy for teens today to put their face-palmingly stupid thoughts all over the internet. This lot, for instance, will make you lose hope for the future of humanity.

By Caren Gibson