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Celebrities often seem untouchable, with their fame acting as some kind of protective bubble. For some stars who committed truly terrible crimes, though, no such protection was forthcoming. Whether their misdemeanors came before they were famous or during the height of their success, these famous faces all ended up paying the price for their outrageous actions.

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18. Mark Wahlberg

When he was just 16, long before becoming an A-list actor, Mark Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese men on the same day; one he hit with a stick, the other he smacked in the face. Wahlberg was subsequently charged with attempted murder, though he only admitted to assault. And despite receiving a two-year sentence, he was incarcerated for just 45 days.


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17. Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry may be a rock and roll pioneer, but as a young man he was sentenced to two and a half years for armed robbery offenses. When he was 19, Berry pulled a gun on a motorist before hijacking their car. He then initiated two holdups – one at a grocery store, another at a gas station.